Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What is The SECURE Network?

A: SECURE Network is ARMADA’s online learning portal that provides clients with relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized online training and education courses.


Q: Who teaches the courses?

A: ARMADA instructors and subject matter experts have been selected based on their experience, professional attitude, and passion for the industry. They are committed to their responsibility of bringing the best in training topics associated with Security, Law Enforcement, Court, Universal Tactics, Resiliency, and Education professionals.


Q: Where can I find a catalog of training you offer?

A:  Visit www.armadasecurenetwork.com to view our course offerings. If you are interested in working with us to build a custom solution for your organization, please contact us at 614-431-9700 or email [email protected]


Q: How much does the training cost? 

A: Courses are priced to be consistent with industry standards. For private courses, the rate is reduced based on the quantity of enrollments. As the SECURE Network grows, ARMADA intends to offer various levels of subscriptions providing users access to the wide-ranging training courses. 


Q: If the training I’m looking for is not on your website, can you develop a course for me?
 A: Yes. The ARMADA team is ready to help you in any course development needs you have within our areas of expertise.



Q: Can courses be customized to my organization’s unique requirements?
 A: Yes. The ARMADA team is ready to assist your organization with customizing any of our courses to meet your organization’s specific needs. Some of the customization options include but are not limited to adding an intro and an outro video specific to your organization, removing specific lesson plans or modules, editing quizzes, adding attachments/reference materials to lesson plans/modules such as PDFs of SOPs. Costs associated with course customizations will be determined during the Master Service Agreement/Statement of Work agreement phase. 


Q: Can I sign up as an individual or does my company have to sign me up?

A: The SECURE Network provides courses for open enrollment available to the public. An organization may elect to enroll through the open option, or we can work with you on exclusive custom and private course solutions.


Q: What sort of certification will I receive? Is it recognized by my licensing or regulatory agency as continuing education?

A: Each course comes with a unique certification of completion with the student’s name and an authenticity code. We are currently exploring options for approval through various accrediting agencies.


Q: Can I record or download the training videos and play them later for others?
A: Videos and all other course content is proprietary. However, when you purchase a course, you purchase access to the content and are able to use in accordance with the terms and conditions.


Q: What equipment do I need to access the videos? What are the system requirements?

A: The SECURE Network is usable on most all computers and devices. For more information on technical requirements visit this page: https://www.armadasecurenetwork.com/pages/system-requirements


Q: Can I watch the training on my phone or tablet?

A: Yes, see above.


Q: Can I pause the training while watching it and come back later or do I have to finish it in one sitting?

A: The SECURE Network courses are designed to provide you flexibility. You can start and stop at your leisure and the system will keep track of your progress for when you return.


Q: Can I show only excerpts of your videos as part of other training I’m producing?

A: No, as part of the terms and conditions, the user who signed up and purchased the course is the only authorized end user of the training. However, ARAMDA is more than willing to work with your organization to accommodate mass training options. 


Q: Do courses have tests or check for understanding quizzes?

A: The open enrollment courses are set up as knowledge intake only, meaning there are no tests or quizzes. However, courses that are purchased by an organization are established with default quizzes. As part of the customization discussions, ARMADA can modify the quizzes within the private course to meet the needs of the organization. 


SECURE Network FAQ for SME


Q: What is SECURE Network?

A: The SECURE Network is ARMADA’s online learning portal that provides clients with relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized online training and education courses.


Q: Who are some of your clients that would be interested in my training?

A: The SECURE Network targets professionals serving in the areas of Security, Law Enforcement, Court, Universal Tactics, Resiliency, and Education.


Q: Can you record or produce the videos for me?
A: Yes, we employ experienced professional video producers and directors. They use high quality equipment and postproduction technologies. We film on appropriate locations or in-studio as required.


Q: How do you charge the trainees? How much will I get paid? How often?

A: Each course is priced independently based on industry standards. SME and instructor revenue shares are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Q: Can you stream my training live?

A: Yes, ARMADA possesses the capability to live stream via the SECURE Network course platform.


Q: How are you going to recruit people to watch my courses?

A: ARMADA has a team of internal and external marketing experts who will assist with establishing a marketing strategy specific to the course. However, as part of the agreement with the SME instructor, the SME instructor will bear some responsibility in assisting with the marketing efforts. ARMADA strives to establish win-win partnerships with SME instructors. 


Q: Why should I work with your platform over others out there? 

A: By working with ARMADA as a subject matter expert, you will appreciate a negotiated percentage of revenue share for the sale of each course that you assist in developing. In addition to revenue-sharing, you will expand your platform by tapping into ARMADA’s global network where your content, brand, and message will be accessible for purchase by clients and customers worldwide.


Q: I’ve copyrighted the materials I use in my training. How can you safeguard my copyrights?

A: Courses are purchased by users via the SECURE Network. The transaction grants users access to your content, but they are not permitted to download or repurpose the content for any other reasons as indicated in the terms and conditions as well as any other contractual obligations. The agreement you will have with ARMADA will define that the content in which you bring to the partnership remains your materials.