Private Enrollments

and other custom solutions

Our Private Enrollment option is ideal for organizations, departments, etc. and provide users the same benefits as open enrollment, plus many additional features including:

Contract and User License Purchases 
  1. Organization and department representatives will review and sign a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW). The MSA and SOW will detail terms, conditions, course selections, course customization, and quantity of user licenses necessary for each course purchased. The MSA/SOW will enable the organization to be billed on a mutually agreed upon schedule and paid for via a purchase order, check or organization credit card.
  2. All pricing* and terms will be outlined in the Statement of Work.

Quantity of Users
Per User Cost (USD)
1 - 10
11 - 25
26 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 200
201 - 400
401 - 700
701 - 1000
*Unless outlined in a fully executed Scope of Work, ARMADA reserves the right to adjust (increase/decrease) pricing without notice. 

SECURE Network Platform & Course Customization


As part of the contract discussion, an organization or department representative will be provided access to a demonstration of the course(s) in which they are considering for purchase and customization.


Course Structuring


The SECURE Network courses are generally structured using the following hierarchy (note: the exact hierarchy and arrangement of course components depend on what is best suited for the goals of each course).


Course. The main topic of learning, the central focus of all learning activities.


Module. An organized segment consisting of its own learning objectives in support of the main course topic. 


Lessons. Lessons are where learning content presentation takes place. Lesson delivery methods typically include, but are not limited to, video lectures, demonstrations, and reading assignments 


Learning Activities. Learning Activities may include, but are not limited to quizzes, experientials, practical exercises, hands-on application, assignments, discussions, and case studies. How learning activities are arranged and used depends on the nature of the course and what works best to support learning objectives and knowledge transfer.


Your Customization Options

The following content describes the custom features ARMADA can support. Any items that you do not wish to customize will be set to the default configuration as seen in the provided demonstration.


1. Custom Course Landing Page

We can add a custom banner image and logo of your company to this landing page. This will require editing and reformatting of the image and/or logo you would like to use on the Custom Course Landing Page. 


2. Video Completion Settings

Participants must watch 100% of a video lesson in order for the course player to allow them to mark the lesson complete and register progress. Should participants need to return to a video lesson they have already completed, they will not be required to watch 100% of it before moving on.


3. Custom Course Completion Certificate

There are a range of formats and options you can choose from for your Course Completion Certificate. We can add your organization’s logo to the certificate and include some additional text below the course title by request.


4. Course Curriculum Customization

All courses on The SECURE Network are designed and developed to be in alignment with their learning objectives and overall purpose. Therefore, the modification, removal, or addition of any content such as modules, lessons, and other items must be systematically reviewed to ensure the changes do not compromise the learning objectives and overall purpose. This standard applies to all course content viewed in the course player as well as what is provided in the participant workbook.


A. Custom Course Intro & Summary Videos

We can add licensee furnished course introduction and course summary videos at their respective places in the course. Additionally, if the licensee does not have a video produced, we can assist you with script development and video production. Costs associated with script drafting and video production are dependent on your desired content and production value.


B. Custom Charts, Graphics, Images, and Visual Aids

Charts, graphics, images, and visual aids that do not directly contribute to the learning objectives may be replaced or modified. 


C. Adding Licensee-Developed Materials

We can add any materials developed by your organization in the most applicable areas to allow you to highlight any specific organizational policies or procedures. If you choose to add materials, ARMADA will systematically review the additions to ensure the course learning objectives are not compromised. 


D. Participant Workbook

ARMADA’s courses include a participant workbook to allow students to compile organized notes and assist with retaining key information. We can customize the workbook to ensure the workbooks reference company/organizational policies, procedures or guidelines.


E. Module Quizzes

ARMADA courses use module quizzes as learning activities. The standard module quizzes feature a series of multiple choice and true/false questions. The quizzes also include a reference link to allow the participates to quickly access the lesson with the correct answer. Participants must answer each question correctly before moving on and have an unlimited number of attempts. This take on an open-book type of approach is effective at reinforcing key pieces of information.


ARMADA can work with you to customize quiz content and question arrangement, or even remove the quiz altogether if desired. If you choose to modify or add to the quiz in any way, ARMADA will systematically review the changes to ensure the course learning objectives are not compromised. 


F. Other Learning Activities

With the exception of quizzes, ARMADA does not typically include other learning activities into the SECURE Network courses. However, if you are interested in including other learning activities such as experiential-based projects and exercises, group activities, skills evaluations, case studies, hands-on application, assignments, and case studies, the ARMADA Team is well equipped to work with you to develop additional solutions. 


G. Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards on our platform are arranged as an open and loosely structured forum available for all participants to share thoughts and ideas about the content being presented. Most standard course configurations in the SECURE Network have the discussions enabled on all lessons (where content is being presented). Licensees may elect which lessons they would like to have discussions enabled.

Roles & Permissions: Group Analyst, ARMADA, and User Level


1. Group Analyst

Organizations will be assigned a Group Analyst that will enable them to view and export the following learner progress information. 

  • Percentage of course content viewed
  • Percentage of course content completed
  • User first and last name
  • User email
  • Assigned Course(s)
  • Course completion date
  • User activation date
  • Date of last sign in



The ARMADA Program Manager assigned for your contract will be the primary point of contact should you need assistance with the following actions.

  • Add users
  • Process additional user codes
  • Audit past user codes
  • Provide course completion certificates (note: participants are able to access their certificates through the User Dashboard after completing a course)
  • Participant quiz performance analytics


3. User Level Features

Users will have access to:

  • Courses purchased by the organization and assigned to the user
  • Assigned courses from any device (smart phone, tablet, desktop, laptop)
  • Course materials for a duration agreed upon by the contract
  • Course completion certificate(s)


Other Custom Designed Training Programs

ARMADA has the resources, expertise, and acumen to provide a wide range of training and education solutions to the problems you are facing. Our instructors and subject-matter experts are selected based on their experience, professionalism, and passion for the industry (see the list below for where we get out instructors).


ARMADA’s approach combines world-class expertise with acclaimed curriculum developers and instructional designers to provide the following solutions:

  • Self-paced e-Learning/mobile programs & courses
  • Face-to-face (F2F) Instructor-led training (ILT) programs & courses
  • Virtual Instructor-led training (VILT) programs & courses
  • Traditional online learning (synchronous & asynchronous) programs & courses
  • Workbooks, pamphlets, one-pagers, infographics, and other training and educational materials


Our Instructors and Subject Matter Experts come from the following communities:

  • Experienced veterans and thought leaders in the Physical Security, Cyber Security, and Protection domains
  • Law Enforcement experts with a sum of experience that includes
    • Street officers
    • Detectives
    • Special weapons and tactics
    • State and Federal
    • Application of law
    • Command-level from small departments to top 25 in the Nation
    • Training and development
  • Experienced Justice System professionals
  • Elite U.S. Special Operations Forces veterans
  • Master practitioners in building resilient communities and emergency preparedness
  • Innovators in security awareness, active threat response, and school safety programs
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